Monday, April 19, 2010

Fridge check!

With only 10 days before i move out of university residence, i only have drinks (almost all alcoholic) and condiments left in my mini fridge. ENJOY!:

-1 Monster Energy Drink (that I will probably give away because i don't even like that shit)
-1 can of PC cola (that i will also probably give away if i don't use it for mix)
-1 40oz bottle of The Famous Grouse fine scotch whisky (1/3 left)
-1 Classic Blueberry Swirl Seagrams vodka cooler ( don't ask)
-5 cans of Lucky Extra Beer (not sure who's they are)
-2 cans of Lucky Lager Beer (mine, shit beer)
-1 can of Boxer Beer (mine, best cheap beer ever, you can't beat 36 for $32)
-1 can of Pilsner (Fubar special, loves it)
-1 can of Old Milwaukee (gross, also do not know how it got in there)
-1 bottle of Ranch, almost empty (i need mo!)
-2 bottles of habaƱero pepper hot sauce (YUMMY!)
-6 ketchup packets (can never have too much)
-2 soya sauce packets (the rice here is gross without it)

I see no way how this is relevant to you (if there even are any of you reading) but I am extremely bored of studying.

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