Thursday, July 22, 2010

make it snow

it's 25 degrees outside & i miss the mountains.

two five k, big things goin down this winter, were on the rise.

Banff, Etown, Calgary, Pano, Big White, Jasper, YK.

no where is safe from our quest of taking down handrails, pow slashes and beers.

join us in our quest of shredding hard and partying harder or miss out on the chaos that our winter brings.

Stickers coming fall 10, maybe tee's. get em while they hot.

ps. shout out to chain gang BRRRP YEUH!! YEUH!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

& N-Dubbers.

"The night's a dark time for me"

"The night's a dark time for everyone moron"

"Not for Alaskans and people with night vision goggles"


Monday, April 19, 2010

Fridge check!

With only 10 days before i move out of university residence, i only have drinks (almost all alcoholic) and condiments left in my mini fridge. ENJOY!:

-1 Monster Energy Drink (that I will probably give away because i don't even like that shit)
-1 can of PC cola (that i will also probably give away if i don't use it for mix)
-1 40oz bottle of The Famous Grouse fine scotch whisky (1/3 left)
-1 Classic Blueberry Swirl Seagrams vodka cooler ( don't ask)
-5 cans of Lucky Extra Beer (not sure who's they are)
-2 cans of Lucky Lager Beer (mine, shit beer)
-1 can of Boxer Beer (mine, best cheap beer ever, you can't beat 36 for $32)
-1 can of Pilsner (Fubar special, loves it)
-1 can of Old Milwaukee (gross, also do not know how it got in there)
-1 bottle of Ranch, almost empty (i need mo!)
-2 bottles of habaƱero pepper hot sauce (YUMMY!)
-6 ketchup packets (can never have too much)
-2 soya sauce packets (the rice here is gross without it)

I see no way how this is relevant to you (if there even are any of you reading) but I am extremely bored of studying.

Friday, April 16, 2010

LNP. Gypsy love.

this dude's unreal.
gotta love the dirty frenchmen.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

study break.

it is very unfortunate that final exam season opens at the same time that the NHL playoffs start.
my daily study breaks begin at five and end at about 10:30.
first two days have been about the underdog but i can't see it staying that way all the way through.
my vote this round goes to:
In the East
Washington in 6
Buffalo in 5
Pittsburgh in 7
Philadelphia in 7
In the West
Sharks in 6
Chicago in 6
Vancouver in 7
Phoenix in 6

(picks from before the playoffs started)

p.s. shout out to Lyd for making me stoked on her blogspot: